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Youth Groups and "Chatroom"

Our youth groups take young people from middle school age upwards. Most meet on Thursday evenings, apart from the top group, 16-Plus, who meet on Sunday evenings. The groups are run by church volunteers, and the programmes are very general in nature so we hope will appeal to children and young people from both church and non-church families.

The 10-Plus group does have a parallel group that is part of the Junior Church or Sunday School that meets on Sunday mornings. See Sunday Groups for more details.

"Chatroom" is a group specially set up for young people who have made some sort of commitment to the church, either through regular attendance or through Confirmation.

For more details, please see the sections below, or email us at:


The 10-Plus Group is open to youngsters who have begun year 5 at school. It meets on Thursday evenings during term time, usually in the Chapter House, for games, crafts and other noisy activities.

Typical activities over a year have included swimming and bowling, quizzes, sledging at Bassingbourn (for parents too!), cooking our own supper and having a party.

Times: Thursdays, 7.00 - 8.15 pm
Leader: Maria Ross, Beverly Swain


12-Plus caters for those in school Years 7 and 8, and meets on Thursday evenings either in the Chapter House or out at various locations depending upon the time of year. The group does a variety of activities including games nights, night hikes, going bowling, swimming, cooking, etc.

Each year, usually during the October half term, the group enjoys a weekend away. Last year we visited Derbyshire and Alton Towers, the year before we went seal spotting on the North Norfolk Coast.

On the last Thursday of each term the group joins up with the other youth groups for our youth service, and this is usually followed by an activity like a disco, barbecue or wide game.

Times: Thursdays, 7.30 - 9.00
Leaders: Mark Thomas, Emma Pallett


The group is aimed at young people in school years 9 and 10 and meets on Thursday evenings at church. The meetings vary in content, ranging from games to occasional discussions.

There are also trips to go bowling or swimming and we have done things like a night hike with chips afterwards, visits to the National Space Centre in Leicester and to Cadbury’s Chocolate World, a weekend away in a Youth Hostel in Derbyshire, and even Christmas shopping in Milton Keynes!

New members are welcome but please contact the leader to check times and dates as they do vary.

Times: Thursdays, 7.30 - 9.00 pm
Leader: Chris Parker, Tracey Canfield


St Andrews 16-Plus meets on a Sunday evening, and is aimed at year 11 and above. They meet either in the Chapter House or more usually out and about doing various activities. The group have been on several trips to London to see theatre shows like Les Miserables and We Will Rock You! Closer to home, the group have been bowling at Stevenage, go-karting at Letchworth and scuba diving at Clophill.

In between these more energetic activities there are times just to meet down at the Ivel room and enjoy each other’s company or to take a stroll across the fields to a nearby village and sample the hospitality of the local pub.

Occasionally the group also take a long weekend away together, sometimes on a narrow boat on the canals (as photo), or in a youth hostel somewhere 'scenic'.

Times: Sundays, 8.00 - 10.00 pm
Leaders: Chris Parker, Cathy Goody


Chatroom is a group of teenagers who meet once a week after school with a couple of the youth leaders, for discussion, some sort of activity, or just a chat.

We have discussed lots of different issues, and it's good to have the chance to talk about what you think is right or wrong about world events or certain articles in papers. One topic we keep coming back to is Fair Trade, and we've held coffee evenings and lunches to promote Fair Trade products. It's a great opportunity for us as teenagers to show people what we can do to help people in other parts of the world.

Each summer, we do the set design for the Holiday Club, as well as planning and doing most of the on-stage stuff including games, action songs and drama. We have also planned the Youth Services at the end of each term, which is good fun, and a good opportunity to do something different in the way of worship. We must be doing okay because we were also asked to plan and lead a special adult service.

We have also designed and made some modern banners which are hung in the church at the major festivals like Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.

Times: Wednesdays, 4.00 pm (but times and days vary!)
Leaders: Chris Parker, Shirley Williams